Bailee Adjusters

For Insurance Companies

Our Creation

During the Los Angeles Riots of 1992 a dry cleaner insurance program administrator experienced twenty two total fire losses in one night.  Bailee Adjusters was founded using the skills developed during that challenging period.    

What We Do
  • Our sole service is to adjust third-party property losses.
  • Our uniqueness comes from the fact that we can handle losses of any size: from one claimant to thousands of claimants.
  • Our innovation comes from the fact that we have developed methods of determining fair settlements when only minimal information is provided by the claimant.
  • Our value comes from the fact that we have developed a system that delivers fair, consistent adjustments more efficiently and at a lower cost than any other team of company adjusters of independent adjusters.
  • Our customers have included AIG, Argonaut, CNA, Hanover and Liberty Mutual.

Our Services

Back Office
This is for the company that desires to retain maximum control over the adjustment process. We will take whatever information each claimant provides and produce a thorough worksheet that details the settlement and documents the steps of the adjustment process.  We will then produce a letter to each claimant that explains the nature of the coverage provided and the settlement process, followed by additional letters that detail the precise settlement calculation for each damaged item.  The letters are prepared in the name of the company and are ready to be printed by the company on their own letterhead when the company generates the settlement checks. Worksheets, letters ready for printing and supporting documentation are provided to the company in a convenient package.

Full Contact
As client insurance companies become comfortable with our service, they generally progress to the point where they request that we orchestrate the initial distribution of instructions and claim forms and educate insureds regarding how to provide the forms and instructions to third-party claimants.  Later when claim forms are received from claimants we send the letters and settlements directly to claimants under the Bailee Adjusters name. We also handle any subsequent modification to settlements that may become appropriate when claimants are later able to provide additional information.

Please phone us at (888) 754-9880 to obtain more information.
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